Your curtains don’t endure daily wear and tear in the same way that your flooring and carpets do, but they still need some regular TLC to keep them looking their best.

For most people, the thought of taking down your curtains and hauling them to the dry cleaners seems like too much effort. That’s where Beacon Hill Cleaners come in. We offer a fully comprehensive service in curtain cleaning in Hindhead, Guildford, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Some cleaning companies will clean your curtains in situ, but we’re different. At Beacon Hill Cleaners we believe that the best way to achieve a truly professional, thorough clean is to take the curtains down and clean them at our own premises. After cleaning we’ll return and re-hang your curtains, steaming them to remove any creases, and finishing them with a spray to put the dressing back into them.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and discuss your curtain cleaning requirements. Our expert team have a great deal of experience in removing a variety of soiling and stains from different fabrics and textiles.